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A couple of months before I beta-launched Spark, one of my best mates and ardent supporters, Stefan Henning, introduced me to the lad who organized a pickup “Footie” (soccer) game he played in on Fridays.  Apparently, the gentleman, David Boyd, had been bemoaning the 4 hours of administrative nightmare he had to endure every week just send out invitations, track who was playing on a given week, and pick teams.  A fund manager by trade (this IS Cayman, after all), David heard with welcome anticipation that I thought Spark could cut that burden down to 5 minutes a week just through simple calendaring automation. He was hooked.  He then introduced me to another footie organizer, Vlad Logvinov, who ran a parallel game on Wednesday evenings.  Interestingly, Vlad was himself a tech entrepreneur and took to the idea of Spark like … well … a spark takes to kindling.

I launched in beta here in Cayman in the Fall of 2016 and, with the help of Stefan, we had a couple of 100 users and a dozen or so team using Spark by Christmas time.  So far so good.

Since then and throughout, there have been numerous people and organizations who have been extremely helpful in getting Spark to where it is today.  In addition to those already mentioned already, below is my attempt to list them, in no particularly order, mind you:

  • Charlie Kirkconnell: CEO, Cayman Enterprise City
  • Hilary McKenzie-Cahill: VP of Marketing & Business Dev, Cayman Enterprise City
  • All of those at Cayman Enterprise City, including Rachelle PetersonMaria Phillip, and Sasha Carrig, et al.
  • Marilyn Conolly: Team Manager, Cayman Islands U15 National Football Team
  • Bruce Sigsworth: Head Coach, Cayman Islands U15 National Football Team
  • Jovan Bowles: Skills Coach, Cayman Rugby Union
  • Ólan Daly: Club Community Rugby Officer, Munster Rugby, Ireland
  • David Jonah: Business and Marketing Consultant extraordinaire, New Brunswick, CA
  • Matt Sheridan-Jonah: Executive Director of Admissions, Appleby College, Ontario, CA
  • Dave Stone: Freelance do-er of Internet things
  • Prashanth Krishna Murthy: Bengalore, India – Prashanth created Spark’s logo and designed this landing site!

I’m sure I missed a few, like my lovely wife, Sherrie, and Stefan’s lovely wife, Sabrina, but I’ll stop here for now.

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